The Different Types of Websites and What They Are For

Different Types of Websites and What They Are For | Lofa Consulting

According to Technopedia, a website is “a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked Web pages that share a single domain name.” These can be made and maintained by an individual, a business or an organisation to serve different purposes.

Before we move on to the web design and development of your website, you first have to identify what type of website you need to create in the first place. There are numerous types of websites you can choose from depending on your needs.

Below are some of the types you can encounter.


A blog is a type of website that allows people to publish any written content easily online. This is regularly updated to serve personal or business needs.

Nowadays, small businesses who have blogs experience 126% lead growth compared to those without.

Article catalogues and tags are features of a blog website.

Corporate Website

This gives general information about a business, including the services and products they offer. Having a website acts as an online touchpoint of a brand, allowing potential customers or clients to find them.

Features include an ‘About’ page, contact information, testimonials/case studies, and a FAQ section.


This is where people can sell online, may it be physical goods, digital products, or services. Through an eCommerce website, a business can process orders and accept payments. It also allows businesses to manage shipping and logistics and provide customer service.


If you’re looking to showcase your work and give professional information at the same time, a portfolio website is what you need. You can do this by presenting thumbnails, galleries, video presentations, etc. to give the visitor an idea of what you can offer.

Features include a portfolio of work, a summary of professional experience and credentials in an ‘About’ page, and testimonials.

Different Types of Websites and What They Are For

Nonprofit Website

This type of website informs visitors of a nonprofit’s mission, vision, goals, and core values.

A donations page is a feature you can find here.

Building Your NDIS Website

Your NDIS website is considered a corporate website. With Lofa Consulting’s web design and development services, we can create a website made just for you. Contact us now to get started!

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