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Turn your business idea into reality. As trusted NDIS and small business consultants in Melbourne, Lofa Consulting will help you grow. We are the NDIS experts and business management consulting service you’ve been searching for! We assist NDIS registered providers on their way to success.

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At LOFA Consulting, we know everything about making dreams come true. Specialising in NDIS business registration, our managing consultants team is always ready to know more of what you want to achieve and to help you make that dream happen. With the LOFA way of  business management consulting, you get a competitive advantage in the business world!

One-Stop NDIS Business Registration Provider

Spearheaded by NDIS expert and business consulting specialist Gemeh Kromah, LOFA Consulting provides registration and audit support to NDIS providers across Australia. Aside from handling NDIS business registration, we also ensure that our clients get the best Australian business consulting & solutions they need as they grow their business.

As such, we provide other services for business consulting in Melbourne, including accounting, training, workshops, and website design and development, among other services designed to help you achieve your business goals. We create an open line between our business management consultants and clients to ensure clear and effective planning and execution. 

Consulting your business here at LOFA is one of the best investments you could ever make!

Our NDIS Expert, Gemeh Kromah

Gemeh Kromah is the founder of LOFA Consulting. Over the past five years, he has been working with different community sectors across various areas of business consultation and support. Gemeh chose to specialise in providing first-class support to people with disabilities to enable them to live fulfilling lives.

Thanks to Gemeh’s extensive background in complex case management, he is highly competent in identifying the appropriate level of care and support that people with disabilities require. Furthermore, Gemeh’s work as a Support Coordinator has allowed him to support participants, helping them connect with relevant care agencies and allied health professionals to meet their individual needs. As an NDIS business consultant, he has also aided numerous NDIS providers and helped them pass their NDIS audit with high ratings. Starting a consulting business in Australia became easier for him due to his vast experience in entrepreneurship. Together with the efforts of our business consultants in Melbourne and cost-effective business consulting services, your NDIS business can be one of the top players in the field.

With Gemeh’s leadership and guidance, LOFA Consulting, the most reliable Australian Business Consulting company, is able to meet our clients’ expectations, allowing them to say that, “I have found the most reliable business consultancy near me!”

What to Expect From Our Business Registration and Business Consultancy Services

Gemeh V. Kromah

Founder/CEO Lofa Consulting 

We have the Team, We find the Solutions

The comprehensive consultancy services and packages we provide here at LOFA Consulting aim to deliver growth. If you are:

  • An NDIS Provider
  • A business-owner who want to grow their enterprise
  • A new entrepreneur with a business idea

…and you are on the hunt for a “business consultant near me” who can help your company flourish and your ideas to bloom and business consultant services that are worth investing in, LET US TALK!

Business Consulting | Lofa Consulting


What we Provide

Lofa Consulting paves the way towards accomplished dreams. We offer a range of services that allows entrepreneurs not only to provide the products and services they want to offer, but to also take active part in their community. With Lofa Consulting, you can realise your entrepreneurial dreams with ease and minimised risks. Here’s how we can help you:

  • We offer NDIS business advisory in Melbourne.
  • We have a competent team of business consultants in Melbourne.
  • We have professional business planners in Melbourne.
  • We offer client-centred business consulting in Melbourne.


Let’s talk. We’ll handle everything for you as you watch your business take off.

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What Our Clients Say

LOFA Consulting supports numerous business owners in growing their enterprise. See what some of them have to say about our team and our business consultancy solutions.

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How LOFA Consulting Can Help You

As part of our full-service business consultancy solutions, LOFA Consulting offers to perform essential business processes. These include accounting tasks, such as:

Business Consulting Melbourne | Lofa Consulting

Cash Flow Management Services

Resource-intensive and tedious as it may be, cash flow management is a vital aspect of any business. LOFA Consulting connects you with accountants who can take care of it for you.
Small Business Consultants Melbourne | Lofa Consulting

Tax Planning and Preparation

Having a tax plan in place helps you make strategic and vital decisions to ensure maximised returns. We can help you plan and prepare your taxes before tax time.
Business Consultancy Near Me | Lofa Consulting

Financial Statement Preparation

At LOFA Consulting, we have a team of highly skilled financial experts and accountants who provide accurate and reliable financial statement preparation services.

With LOFA Consulting’s Business Consultancy Services, You Can Enjoy a Brighter Future.

Lofa Consulting specialised in offering solutions for businesses to realise growth. Our founder, Gemeh Kromah, loves connecting and collaborating with businesses, bringing them together to share failures and successes.

With his experience and knowledge, he is able to guide businesses while they do incredible things to help them thrive. Gemeh delivers keynotes to businesses on the power of growth and the key fundamental ingredients that lead the way for companies and entrepreneurs to rise. Your search for competent “training consultants and business consultants near me” can finally end when you start consulting with LOFA Consulting!

As a trusted NDIS registration provider, LOFA Consulting can help you with everything from creating a business plan to managing your business processes.

Our topnotch and comprehensive business consultancy solutions include providing you with accurate and reliable accounting services.

Aside from business registration and accounting, LOFA Consulting can also handle other processes essential to your businesses.

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