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Gemeh V. Kromah


Gemeh, the founder of LOFA Consulting and an expert in NDIS, is renowned for motivating business leaders and facilitating workshops that inspire and drive business success. He has mastered the ten paths to help businesses grow and is always willing to share his knowledge with those who seek it.

Gemeh earned a Master of Entrepreneurship degree from Melbourne University, and his dedication and hard work led him to be featured in the Melbourne University Alumni Magazine and receive a MYOB People’s Award. In addition, he has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Monash University, a Bachelor of Counselling degree from ACAP, and a Certificate in Training and Assessment from CAE.

Gemeh has successfully established organizations and businesses in both the government and private sectors, and he has assisted other businesses in achieving success through his experiences of both failures and successes. If you aspire to be one of the most successful NDIS registered providers in Australia, you can trust Gemeh as your consultant.

Gemeh has had the privilege of being coached and guest lectured by several notable figures, including Allan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas; former Virgin Blue chief executive Brett Godfrey; JT FOXX, the world’s #1 wealth coach; and Aaron Mashano, the CEO of Leaders of Tomorrow. He has also been mentored by Jolie Imam and Marcus Powe from the University of Melbourne, which has provided him with valuable insights and guidance throughout his career.

Gemeh is an active member of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, which is a leading organization that represents businesses of all sizes and sectors in the state of Victoria. As a member, he stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the business community and has access to various resources and networking opportunities that help him stay ahead of the curve. His involvement in the Chamber also demonstrates his commitment to supporting the growth and success of businesses in the region.

“Gemeh V. Kromah also Featured at University of Melbourne.”


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Lofa Consulting supports numerous NDIS service providers and business owners in growing their enterprise. Learn what the NDIS providers near us have to say about our team and our business consultancy services

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How LOFA Consulting Can Help You

As part of our full-service business consultancy solutions, LOFA Consulting offers to perform essential business processes. These include accounting tasks, such as:
Cash Flow Management Services | Lofa Consulting

Cash Flow Management Services

Resource-intensive and tedious as it may be, cash flow management is a vital aspect of any business. LOFA Consulting connects you with accountants who can take care of it for you.

Tax Planning and Preparation | Lofa Consulting

Tax Planning and Preparation

Having a tax plan in place helps you make strategic and vital decisions to ensure maximised returns. We can help you plan and prepare your taxes before tax time.

Financial Statement Preparation | Lofa Consulting

Financial Statement Preparation

At LOFA Consulting, we have a team of highly skilled financial experts and accountants who provide accurate and reliable financial statement preparation services.

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