About Gemeh V Kromah

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Gemeh V. Kromah Founder

Gemeh is LOFA Consulting’s founder and NDIS expert. He motivates business leaders and facilitates workshops that drive inspiration and motivation for business success. He is able to do this as he has mastered the ten paths to make businesses grow and is always willing to share this knowledge with whoever needs it.

Gemeh holds a Master of Entrepreneurship from the Melbourne University and, as a result of his hard effort, he appeared in the Melbourne University Alumni Magazine and earned a MYOB People’s Award. Gemeh also holds a Bachelor of Social Work (Monash University), Bachelor of Counselling (ACAP), and Certificate in Training and Assessment (CAE).

Gemeh has helped successfully establish organizations and businesses in both government and private sectors, as well as supported other businesses to succeed through his experience of failures and successes.

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