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Tips on How to Grow Your New NDIS Business

Tips on How to Grow Your New NDIS Business with Lofa Consulting | Lofa Consulting

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare declared in its report that 1 out of 6 or roughly 4.4 million Australian has a disability.

This is why there is an increased need of disability support services providers in the country. The National Disability Insurance Scheme plays a major role in supporting the lives of people with disabilities.

They also help people with complex medical conditions and the senior population. NDIS made a huge impact in the rising industry of service providers in Australia.

Many disability support providers start to fulfill their NDIS registration. NDIA has Market Monitoring to help investors and business owners in understanding updated market trends.

If you are new to the NDIS business field, seeking the help of a business consulting in Melbourne can do wonders for the growth of your business. In this blog, Lofa Consulting tells you how to develop your business and grow your clients.

Have a clear brand positioning

Show how your business differs from your competitors. What are the unique qualities that can make you stand out above the rest? You can establish this easily if you have a clear vision for your company even before it was built.

It is best that you have services that are not usually offered by other service providers. Moreover, having a team of exceptional support workers can boost the branding of your company.

Building a good marketing strategy

Your NDIS business can be on top of its field with the help of professional management or business consultancy services. This team of professionals can give their expertise in all areas of your business. They can boost your network reach thru different platforms.

At present, marketing by word of mouth is not enough. The trend is best to reach prospective clients using the internet. Use different social media outlets to make your business more reachable and accessible.

Tips on How to Grow Your New NDIS Business with Lofa Consulting second | Lofa Consulting

Sign up your business in different local business directories

Aside from online advertisements and social media posts, it is also good that your business is included in your local business directories. It helps clients in searching for an NDIS business that is near their house and learn about the services they offer.

Having a listing on a business directory makes you more credible and professional-looking.

Link your business with NDIS the right way

After getting approved as a registered NDIS provider, you need to adhere to NDIA’s rules and regulations. You are not permitted to use the term NDIS on your name or other marketing content.

The right way to link your business with NDIS is by downloading and using the “I heart NDIS” and “I support NDIS” logos. You are also allowed to put the term “Registered Provider” on your marketing materials.

Create a professional yet simple website for your business

Among the thousand registered NDIS providers in Australia, having a unique and professional website can help you be on top of the game.

Most prospective clients look for a website that is easy on the eyes, has content that is easily understood, webpages are easily navigated and mobile-ready. Remember to update contacts regularly and provide something new on your website.

How can Lofa Consulting Assist your Newly Established NDIS Business?

We are a business consulting firm in Melbourne that can help you establish your NDIS business. From conceptualizing your business, passing the NDIS Registration, creating a professional website, providing training packages, accountant services and management/business consultancy services – Lofa Consulting is your trusted partner!

If you want superb assistance for your NDIS business venture, contact Lofa Consulting now!


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