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Things to Consider When Putting Up an NDIS Website

Things to Consider for a Good NDIS Business Website | Lofa Consulting

Creating a successful NDIS website is a difficult task. Fortunately, Lofa Consulting offers business consultancy services that include website development for businesses. Finding the right agency is the key! We wouldn’t want you wasting money on non-quality website development services.

So what's the secret to having a successful NDIS website?

Step 1: Set Your Purpose and Goal

First things first! Identify your NDIS website’s purpose and goals. Is it to share information about your services? Do you want to help NDIS participants create the perfect NDIS plan and accommodate their different needs and goals? Whatever it is, it is your job as the owner to identify what your NDIS website should look like and offer.

Step 2: Hire Professional Website Designers

You are all set with your website focus! Now, we need to find you the web design and development team that will visualize the focus of your website! Web designers are the experts that will help you build, set up, and bring your website ideas to life.

Step 3: Get Content That Converts

Even if your website is totally new, its content is very important! It lets your clients know what your website is all about. It helps them to understand where to go and lets them know that they’re in control of where they want to be on the website. Let them explore the content of your NDIS business website. Furthermore, your website content must be search-engine friendly, too!

Step 4: Choose Your Color, Style, and Design

The website design should get your client’s attention to stay and navigate your website a lot longer. As they say, “first impressions matter“. Your web design must be able to pique your client’s interests and engage them. A good website design can help you achieve this goal! Let your clients perceive your brand on their own.

To have a web design that correlates with your business, creating a catchy logo and choosing the right color scheme is the way to go! Let people have good impressions that last. Make them remember that it’s your NDIS website and not a copy of another website!

Want to know more secrets? Let’s continue, then!

A Successful NDIS Website Includes the Following: 

  1. Have detailed descriptions of the services and benefits offered?
  2. Have images and video clips that show those services and benefits offered.
  3. Have detailed information on how people pay (cash or insurance).
  4. Make it sociable, and friendly which means it should have minimal technical requirements.
  5. Have an NDIS registration ID number to let your clients know your credibility as a provider.
  6. A call-to-action, let them know that they can get started with your services anytime they want!

DO NOT FORGET: All these factors should be checked and tested before the site launches.

A Successful NDIS Website Requires the Following: 

  1. Well-designed, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-navigate website.
  2. NDIS planner, communication feature, real-time inquiry.
  3. The website is always updated and working well.
  4. Contents should be up-to-date at all times.
Things to Consider for a Good NDIS Business Website | Lofa Consulting

Ready to get started with your successful NDIS website?

LOFA Consulting is a leading business consultancy in Melbourne. We offer web design and development with excellence and quality. Providing you with the best NDIS website service your business deserves! Meet our web development team! Their expertise, background, and experience are top of the line! We make sure we visualize the NDIS website you wanna have!

Furthermore, Lofa Consulting can also help you choose the NDIS packages you are best suited to offer so you can get started in planning your NDIS business.

Get a FREE consultation now! Contact us through our online form or call us at 0401073005 today.

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