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Measuring Your Business Consultant’s Success

Measuring Your Business Consultant's Success | Lofa Consulting

You’ve already hired one of the consulting firms in Melbourne for their business consultancy services to help your business. Now you’re curious whether your decision to hire a business consultant has really been worth it. 

There is no widely accepted means for measuring consulting service performance. But it is important and ideal to assess if your business consultant is delivering to your expectations. 

To measure your business consultant’s performance success, it can be helpful to answer the following questions: 

1. Are the business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) being met and delivered on time?

KPIs are critical and measurable indicators that point out progress towards a particular result. An example of a key performance indicator is, “reach X sales this month”. Your business consultant should be aware of your KPIs. Providing insight and feedback on how your business can achieve these in the set time frame is a main part of the consultant’s responsibility.

2. Is your collaboration process running smoothly?

Are you satisfied with how your business consultant addresses issues of the business with you? Is he/she approachable, responsive, and helpful in both times of highs and lows? Or are there frequent episodes of misunderstanding?

3. Does your business consultant train you with essential skills?

You might not need your business consultant  to stick around forever. Once your business has already embarked on the smooth sailing path to growth and success, you’re going to want to try it to survive on your own. Business consultants usually conduct trainings, workshops and webinars for the skillset for you to stand on your own two feet. 

4. What are the short-term, midterm, and long-term positive impacts of the services?  

Aside from those stated above, you should also be asking about the impacts of the business consultancy services you’ve paid for. You’ve seen your business grow and earn on a short-term and midterm basis. But are there any long-term positive impacts that your business consultant has imparted? Can your business sustain the short-term gains in the long run?

5. What was your Return on Investment (ROI) on the consulting services?

Simply, do you think you got what you paid for? Were your expectations on the services met? Did the business consultant help your business grow significantly? Did your business get not only financial gains but improved on other important areas like employee well-being and increased customer satisfaction?

Measuring Your Business Consultant's Success second | Lofa Consulting

Lofa Consulting: Your Best Business Consultant in Melbourne

If you are still looking for a firm for NDIS business and management consultancy services, choose Lofa Consulting. We provide top-notch consultancy, business training and coaching in Melbourne. Accountant services and web design and development are also available to help your business flourish. 

Get in touch with Lofa Consulting now and let us be your partner in paving the way for your business’ success!

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