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Marketing Tips to Grow Your NDIS Business

Marketing Tips to Grow Your NDIS Business first | Lofa Consulting

Are you a decision-maker in your NDIS Business? As a trusted NDIS business consultancy in Melbourne, Lofa Consulting is supportive in all aspects to grow your business. Undoubtedly, some business owners are making all company decisions themselves. Also, they supervise all fundamentals of business expansion and day-to-day operations. However, they may be missing the wider overall view that a consultancy can objectively understand and realise. This is where business consultants can be turned to in order to develop the business. 

After registering your NDIS business, you need to actively and properly market it to attract participants and grow your company. Below, we’ve listed some useful tips on how to market an NDIS Business.

Marketing Tips to Grow Your NDIS Business | Lofa Consulting

Basic Elements of NDIS Business Marketing

  1. Website Creation – Online presence is considered a big leap to increase sales. Make sure your website is mobile-ready. Presently, most Australians are using their mobile phones to search for services. If your website is mobile-friendly, readable and accessible, then you’re on a good track.
  2. Email Campaign – Maintain communication through email. Send them updates about your services and push notifications about your upcoming promotions. Keeping good connections with your customers will make them feel cared for.
  3. Social Media – Many people love connecting through social media. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, they will build more trust in your business. However, having social media accounts is not enough. Be interactive. Post valuable information for them to read and create engaging posts for them to connect with you.
  4. Connect Your Brand to NDIS – Be mindful that the NDIS is a government-copyrighted term, so you’re not allowed to use it as your company’s name. However, you can mention it in your promotions. You can also take advantage of the phrases ‘I/we heart NDIS’ and ‘I/we support NDIS.’ This makes it evident that you’re a part of the strategy, which directly boosts your trustworthiness.

For Complete NDIS Business Consultancy in Melbourne, Turn to Lofa Consulting

Okay, let’s say you’re done with the basic factors that you need to do. The next thing that you should do is to talk with the experts. Getting into the details of a successful NDIS business is much more complex, especially now that there are many NDIS businesses around Australia. So, your brand needs to stand out among the crowd.

So, talk to us and grow your NDIS business successfully! Schedule an appointment and meet our competent consultants by dialing 0401 073005. We are open from Monday to Friday at 9 AM to 6 PM. Alternatively, you may contact us by sending an email at We will revert to you as soon as possible.

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