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Traits of a Good Accountant Your Business Needs

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An accountant plays a very important role for an individual or a business or organization. They are the ones responsible for all finance-related tasks. Most of the time we think that they are just crunching numbers, but they have far more important roles and responsibilities.

They are good in keeping and interpreting your financial records. For businesses, accountants play a major role not only in the financial aspect. They are one of the key members of a company that helps in resolving issues and helps in the overall management of the business.

Since we have established how big the role of an accountant plays in a business, Lofa Consulting is here to guide you in choosing a professional and good accountant. As one of the leading business consulting firms in Melbourne, we have the expertise in screening a great accountant when we see one.

We have accountant services as part of our business consultancy services. With this, we are trained to search for the best and most professional accountant in the field. Continue reading this blog and learn the qualities of a good accountant you need to look out for:

Ethical and has integrity

Working with finances, or simply put- large sum of money- is not an easy task. As an accountant, you must have the right ethics in doing your tasks.

Know the clear line between what is right and what is wrong. You need integrity in doing your accounting and bookkeeping activities to gain trust from clients.


Handling finance-related tasks require you to be detail-oriented. You pay attention even to the smallest detail and all the processes done are triple checked. Having this kind of attitude is a good practice to avoid errors and give wrong financial predictions.

Has good interpersonal and leadership skills

Doing accounting is not a one-man task. At some point, you may ask for help from other members of the company. You may need them for collecting important information or for brainstorming about financial issues. A good accountant should establish a good relationship with everybody and step up and lead if needed.

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Passionate about problem-solving

If you enjoy solving puzzles or figuring out mind-boggling trivia, then you may be a good candidate to be an accountant. A professional accountant excels in doing problem solving and loves to learn from the process.

You should continue with updating your knowledge about advanced accounting in order to broaden your problem-solving skills.


Having good organizational skills help a lot in doing accounting. A good accountant should organize all financial details in order to avoid future errors. Organizing can make their work easier especially when they need certain data urgently.

Efficient and proactive

An efficient accountant finds ways to be productive and gives ample amount of time in finishing all tasks. It is also a good trait to be proactive especially when dealing with finances. Being proactive means planning out solutions for future problems. This attitude helps in finding prompt solutions for emergency situations.

Why Hire Lofa Consulting’s Accountant Services?

Here in Lofa Consulting, we screen all our professionals to ensure high-quality business and managing consultants for our clients. Our team of accountants embodies all the characteristics of a good accountant. They are committed to giving the best support for all of our clients’ businesses.

Aside from professional accountant services, we also offer business consultancy, training packages, web development and NDIS registration packages. Grow your business with Lofa consulting, contact us now to get started!


Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Take the first step to achieving your goals as a registered NDIS provider with the help of Lofa Consulting. Get in touch with us today to schedule an initial consultation with our NDIS expert, Gemeh Kromah.

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