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How to Start an NDIS Garden Maintenance Business | Lofa Consulting

How to Start an NDIS Garden Maintenance Business | Lofa Consulting

More and more people are interested in keeping their gardens looking neat and tidy. As a result, there is an increasing demand for garden maintenance services. Even the elderly and individuals with disabilities need a well-kept yard for their mental and emotional well-being. If you have a passion for gardening and are thinking of starting your own business, then this guide is for you.

Read on to this blog shared by Lofa Consulting, an NDIS registration consultant in Melbourne, to find out everything you need to know about starting an NDIS low maintenance front yard business.

1. Decide on the Services You Will Offer

The first step is to decide what services you will offer. This will depend on your skillset and experience. To get started, you could offer basic services such as mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and weeding gardens. Once you have established your business, you could expand your services to include more specialized tasks such as laying new turf, planting flowers and trees, and creating garden features such as ponds and rockeries.

2. Get the Right Equipment

Once you have decided on the services you will offer, you will need to get the right equipment. For basic garden maintenance tasks such as mowing lawns and trimming hedges, you will need a lawnmower, Hedge Trimmer, leaf blower, and some other hand tools. If you are planning on offering more specialized services such as laying turf or planting trees, you will need to invest in additional equipment such as a rotavator or chainsaw. Clients hire a gardener that has innovative gardening equipment and skills to offer so you better start investing in these things.

3. Promote Your Business

Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to start promoting your business. The best way to do this is by word-of-mouth; tell your friends and family about your new business venture and ask them to spread the word. You could also create some flyers and distribute them in your local area.Social media is another great way to promote your business; create a Facebook page or Instagram account for your business and make sure to post regular updates and photos of your work.

4. Get a Valid ABN

Before offering NDIS gardening services, your business should have an Australian Business Number. This authorises you to partner with NDIS providers, or self-managed NDIS participants. Make sure that you complete the NDIS registration process before offering services to NDIS participants.

5. Get Help From NDIS Business Experts

To become a registered provider of services in NDIS, you first need to complete your NDIS business registration. Hiring an expert to guide you in the process is worth the investment because these professionals can make things easier and more manageable on your part.

Starting a garden maintenance business in NDIS is a great way to turn your passion for gardening into a profitable venture. With a little bit of planning and some hard work, you can soon be enjoying the satisfaction of running your own successful business.

How to Start an NDIS Garden Maintenance Business

Lofa Consulting: Your Mentor in Establishing a Great NDIS Business

If you find peace looking at a well-kept yard but your medical situation makes it hard for you to do yard maintenance, then it is time to seek help with gardening. There are lots of authorised NDIS gardening services provided by NDIS registered providers in Australia.

In order to become a great NDIS provider for the task, you can turn to Lofa Consulting for great business advise and smooth NDIS provider registration. Our founder Mr. Gemeh V. Kromah can share his expertise in the field of NDIS. Contact us today to set up a meeting to discuss your business goals and ideas!

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