How Can Business Consultancy Services Drive a Company’s Revenue?

How Can Business Consultancy Services Drive a Company’s Revenue | Lofa Consulting

Melbourne has a diverse business environment. Its economic strengths are manufacturing, finance, IT, research, education, logistics, transportation and tourism. This is where business consultancy services, an expertise of Lofa Consulting, come in handy.

Business consultancy services is not a new thing. The first management consulting firm, Arthur D. Little Inc., was established as a partnership in 1886, and was incorporated in 1909. This paved the way for the industry to grow and help businesses up to this day..

You may ask, how can consultant training help a company’s growth? Here, Lofa Consulting shares some aspects where  business consultancy services can drive revenue.

Talent Acquisition

The number of businesses in Australia that use staff grew by 14.2% during the first two years of the pandemic. While there may be a huge supply of talents available, it is still not clear if their skills match the business needs.

Those who are currently looking for a job are either let go from a different industry or a fresh college graduate.

Constant training and upskill will give more value to these employees, which in turn, will make them efficient and add more to the table.

How Can Business Consultancy Services Drive a Company’s Revenue second | Lofa Consulting

Technological Challenges

As of 2019-2020, 51% of businesses in Australia have relied on technology to improve their services. 21% also collaborated with others so they can be more prepared in adapting to the challenges and changes brought by the pandemic.Being more technology driven allows for options for employees on how to do their tasks. It also improves productivity and streamlines system processes.Technology may bring positive changes to a company. But the transition may still be difficult, and costly, if not handled properly.Choosing a company that offers business consultancy in Melbourne may be a challenge given the high demand for such services. There are also countless consulting firms in Melbourne that offer various expertise.

Lofa Consulting : The Top choice for Business Consultancy Services in Melbourne

Lofa Consulting stands out from the rest because it offers different services to help businesses achieve their goals. Our consulting and training packages deliver useful skills for employees at all levels. Our workshops and webinars improve productivity, quality of output, and customer satisfaction/retention.

Since consumers nowadays make their decisions and buy online, we can also help build a better online presence for you. On top of that, Lofa Consulting also offers NDIS packages and Accounting services. If you would like to know more, you can contact us anytime.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Take the first step to achieving your goals as a registered NDIS provider with the help of Lofa Consulting. Get in touch with us today to schedule an initial consultation with our NDIS expert, Gemeh Kromah.

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