Do’s and Don’ts in Effective Web Designing

Do’s and Don’ts in Effective Web Designing | Lofa Consulting

We believe that almost every information in the world is digitized. They can all be easily accessed using our gadgets. For e-commerce, Australians are becoming more drawn into purchasing items through online shopping sites.

This is why more businesses are lured in building a digitized version of their shops and companies. Since there are many competitions in the online world, businesses must show their edge by creating an effective web design.

As a leading business consulting firm in Melbourne, Lofa Consulting believes that web design and development is one of the key factors in keeping a business afloat.

Our team of professional web developers believes that the money you put in building a professional web design is very much worth it. Free web templates can save you loads of money but can it drive your business to success? -we don’t think so.

In order to highlight the importance of an effective web design, read this blog on how a professional web developer like us, follows important guidelines.

Do’s and Don’ts in Effective Web Designing second | Lofa Consulting

Creating the Layout of Your Website


  • Make use of a standard UX or user experience that many viewers can relate to.
  • Try to create the most user-friendly layout. You can gain additional viewers from people that are considered as beginners in using the online technology.
  • Put common design elements in your site that are familiar with most online users.


  • Never use a complex or rather new web layout.
  • Avoid being ‘overly creative’ that can make your layout look too congested.

Rules for Typography


  • Pick a font style that is connected with your branding.
  • Create large headlines.
  • Make sure to put proper spacing between text elements.


  • Avoid using ALL CAPS throughout a whole text.
  • Pick attractive but readable font styles.
  • Do not use more than three types of fonts.

Writing Your Website Content


  • Be direct in stating your points. Write catchy yet informative content.
  • Check for grammatical errors. Do not skip on proofreading your content.
  • Make up a good content writing strategy.
  • Deliver clear and concise contents.


  • Do not forget to have a brand voice that is relatable. 
  • Avoid putting too much text.
  • Be careful not to plagiarize. 
  • Do not use high sounding words
Navigation Guidelines


  • Put clear and familiar words as your labels for navigation.
  • Use the three-click rule where viewers are less than 3 clicks away from what they are searching for.
  • Have contrasting colours for text and navigation buttons.
  • Create navigation according to content and screen size.


  • Avoid wasting your user’s time. Let your navigation help them find what they are looking for.
  • Do not use different navigation for each page.
  • Avoid hiding important navigation buttons.

There are more do’s and don’ts you need to know when creating a professional web page. Just leave the deed to expert web developers. Lofa Consulting has helped plenty of businesses in Melbourne with our quality business consultancy services.

It includes building web design and development, accounting services, working with business and managing consultants, offering webinars and training and giving assistance in NDIS registration. Boost your business to further heights with Lofa Consulting – enquire now!

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