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5 Web Design Development Ideas for Starters to Launch Your Online Presence

5 Web Design Development Ideas for Starters to Launch Your Online Presence | Lofa Consulting

In this modern age, utilizing the internet to strengthen your brand is essential. Web design and development services have grown exponentially in the last decades, thanks to the wide internet use of consumers. In Australia,  almost 99% of adults have access to the internet.

Lofa Consulting, the top choice for business consulting firm in Melbourne discusses tips for web design development that would surely make an impact for your brand.

The landing page

The landing page is the first thing a consumer will go to when they click your ads. To develop a strong landing page, one must have a solid knowledge of CSS and HTML.

You will also need to be creative in cropping and resizing images to ensure the landing page will be appealing to new users of your site.

Basic layout

A good starting design and development project to work on is the layout. A simple layout goes a long way. A simple and usable website design makes for a professional look that would match your brand.

Games are always a welcome surprise

Who doesn’t love games on a website? Including a simple game in your website development and design process can be a welcome addition for your users. Taking this route will need a solid working knowledge of JavaScript, so take note!

5 Web Design Development Ideas for Starters to Launch Your Online Presence second | Lofa Consulting

SEO is the real game

Nowadays, being SEO friendly is an advantage for websites for them to reach more audience/users. SEO drives traffic from organic searches in search engines. So make sure to include this aspect in your design and development.

Survey forms

Would you like to know more about your target market? Having a solid knowledge in HTML and HTML 5 can come in handy should you decide to create survey forms on your site.

Surveys can collect pertinent information about your website users, which can help you in making decisions for your products.

In need of web design and development services?

Why go through the hassle of thinking about a better online presence for your brand when we at Lofa Consulting can take care of it for you? We are not just the leading business consultancy firm in Melbourne.

We have different web design and development services so you can just focus on your business growth. We also offer other services for your business needs. If you want to know more about how we can help you achieve growth, contact us now!

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