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Understanding the NDIS

Acquire a thorough understanding of the NDIS before embarking on your business plan through this training. Gain insights into how the NDIS works, the registration process, prospective clients, and the disability network of the country. By attending this training, you will be equipped with the foundational knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your NDIS business and better support NDIS participants. You will also be able to navigate the complex NDIS system with greater ease, ensuring that your business operates within the established guidelines and meets the needs of participants.

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Why Choose Our Training?

Our training offers a complete NDIS overview, explaining every aspect of the system, from its components and their interactions to navigating its complexities. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the NDIS in Australia, recognising it as a vital lifeline for individuals with disabilities. This knowledge will empower you to ensure your business operates within guidelines, provides high-quality support, and meets the needs of participants, ultimately enhancing their lives.


Take the first step towards understanding the NDIS. Enrol in our training programme now and get the information and skills you need to make a difference in the lives of NDIS participants.


Gemeh V. Kromah

CEO/ Founder of Lofa Consulting

Benefits of Understanding NDIS Training

Completing this programme will better prepare you to:

  • Create and implement successful NDIS business plans.
  • Navigate the registration and compliance procedure with ease.
  • Identify and interact with prospective clients.
  • Coordinate and administer various support services.
  • Advocate for participant needs and preferences.
  • Handle emergencies and hard circumstances well.

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Ready to Take Your NDIS Business to the Next Level?

Take the first step to achieving your goals as a registered NDIS provider with the help of Lofa Consulting, One of the NDIS consultants in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today to schedule an initial consultation with our NDIS expert, Gemeh Kromah.

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